Friday, December 8, 2017

Dalnavert Museum Winnipeg Manitoba

Came to visit this historic site on Carlton Street in Winnipeg this morning for the very first time. Setting up my easel in the chill of the morning I started to paint at 11 a.m. this beautiful Queen Ann style home built for Sir Hugh John Macdonald , premier of Manitoba in 1899-1900. It was partially cloudy when I started , however, the sun broke out of the clouds to my absolute delight, half way through the painting. Met some staff remembers who work for the museum and, the photo credit goes to one lovely staff remember who came to work this morning and saw me just setting up with the painting.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

From the Frozen Assiniboine River in Brandon

Looking over the frozen Assiniboine River at the distant Brandon skyline.

It is so peaceful to stand by the frozen Assibinoine River behind the Riverbank Discover Centre of Brandon to do this small oil sketch after a busy shopping at the shopping centre today at 1 p.m. It was cold and windy with mostly cloudy sky. However, the absolute silence was so comforting and refreshing to me.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

In Memory of the Connors

I can not remember how many paintings I have painted over the years of the backyard view looking out of our window, The Connors whose backyard has been the source of inspiration to so many of my paintings have both passed away but their memory came alive each time I pick up my brush and paint this view. Their kindness and generosity as a neighbor and their unconditional love to their children are what will keep their memory alive forever. This is my painted memory to them on this beautiful winter morning of November 18, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

In the Path of Receding Sunlight

The challenge of painting outdoor in winter afternoon is the swift change of light which demands a very quick and resolute response on the painter. Yesterday it was relatively warm when I stepped outside on my front yard to paint this rather big painting of 18 inches by 24 inches. However, it was close to 3 p.m already when I started and I could see how quickly the sun light had already started to recede with the cool shadow from our house encroaching . Although I have painted hundreds of paintings from our front yard over the years, I am still captivated by the interplay of light, colour and shadows especially at this time of the day and at this time of the year. I finished this painting in less than an hour before the light was far gone.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Landmarks of Columbus Indiana of the United States a collection of my plein air paintings from my two week trip to the most remarkable city

This collection of my plein air oil paintings was created from my two week trip to the most extraordinary city of Columbus Indianan USA where my brother Clyde Xi and sister Lynn Zhao and their families have called home for many years. Columbus is extraordinary with a very contemporary modern appearance but deeply rooted in tradition. My two week stay there gives me the opportunity to paint en plein air the city's extraordinary landmarks created by some of the world most famous architects such as I.M. Pei also well known for his Louvre Pyramid in Paris, and Eliel Saarinen also well known for his National Museum of Finland. Columbus is also extraordinary for it is the birthplace of Cummins, an American Fortune 500 corporation that designs, manufactures, and distributes engines , which also employs four members from my family. It is so exciting for me to paint up so close the creations by these extraordinary artists. I have left all these paintings to my brother who will find a proper occasion to auction them off to raise money for local community.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Brandon University Original Building Steeped in the Morning Sunshine at 11 this morning October 11, 2017

Brandon University Original Building Steeped in the Morning Sunshine at 11 this morning October 11, 2017
Reached Brandon University around 11 this morning , and after parking my car in front of the original building on BU campus , and feeding the parking meter with enough coins, i started to paint right away with a sense of urgency knowing that in a matter of an hour, the morning light will shift away from the facade of the building and leaving it too dark. It is no doubt rather a challenging task to try to finish a fair big sized canvas in less than two hours from beginning to the end. It is always exciting to me to come to the campus to paint especially when you could meet some new interesting people as well as seeing some old acquaintances. Today towards the end of my painting session, I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Gerald Butler who is a BU alumnus from the early 60s, who contributes financially towards BU Indigenous teachers education programs and is the owner and president of BCWB Financial Care in Winnipeg. The wind was getting worse and I had to hold the easel steady with one hand , and so glad that I was able to finish less about two hours with a sense of satisfaction.