Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Brandon University Original Building Steeped in the Morning Sunshine at 11 this morning October 11, 2017

Brandon University Original Building Steeped in the Morning Sunshine at 11 this morning October 11, 2017
Reached Brandon University around 11 this morning , and after parking my car in front of the original building on BU campus , and feeding the parking meter with enough coins, i started to paint right away with a sense of urgency knowing that in a matter of an hour, the morning light will shift away from the facade of the building and leaving it too dark. It is no doubt rather a challenging task to try to finish a fair big sized canvas in less than two hours from beginning to the end. It is always exciting to me to come to the campus to paint especially when you could meet some new interesting people as well as seeing some old acquaintances. Today towards the end of my painting session, I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Gerald Butler who is a BU alumnus from the early 60s, who contributes financially towards BU Indigenous teachers education programs and is the owner and president of BCWB Financial Care in Winnipeg. The wind was getting worse and I had to hold the easel steady with one hand , and so glad that I was able to finish less about two hours with a sense of satisfaction.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Memory from Childhood in Ripid City Manitoba

As the request from Ellen in the States I drove to the beautiful small town in Manitoba to paint this view to mark her 50th birthday.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Clear Lake in its autumn splendor Riding Mountain National park Manitoba Canada

Did not plan to paint this view of Clear Lake but when the colour and light from the lake caught my eyes while driving by , it was simply irresistible.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Wedding to Remember

Yesterday afternoon on Brandon Research Station grounds. They could not find a more beautiful spot to have their wedding ceremony than the ground of Brandon Research Station. Surrounded by beautiful oak trees with a glimpse of Brandon City center in the distance , with family and friends standing by carrying with them the best wishes for the newly weds, and accompanied by Bach's music , Robert Latka and Jo-Anna Wells exchanged their wedding vows. I had the great pleasure to set up my easel on site to record in oil colors using my best effort a snapshot of the ongoing ceremony at 4 p.m yesterday afternoon.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Grain Elevators in Inglis Manitoba A Monument to Prairie Agriculture

Finally after an hour and half drive through the most beautiful prairie landscapes , we stopped at the most famed Inglis grain elevators built between 1920 and 1925. They have been standing there for over four scores of years by the railway track like silent sentinels witnessing the rise and fall of the fortune of so many generations of prairie farmers. I had again so little time to spare at my final destination today as we have to return to Brandon in the afternoon. With the strong gust of wind, it was really a struggle to hold my hand steady to paint , and for a hour or so I had to hold steady my easel with my left hand against the strong wind while painting. However, the thrill of painting carried me through to a satisfying finish.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Beautiful Minnedosa Ski Valley on a sunny autumn morning

I had never been to the ski valley until I found myself standing there with my easel at 10 yesterday morning. Absolutely no words, and no words could describe how breathtakingly beautiful the valley is , and what I see at the moment has far exceeded every expectation I have about this location. I am deeply touched by what is unfolding in front of me with the valley bursting with kaleidoscope of colors you could ever find words for , with the foliage of trees and bushes ablaze with red , yellow and orange that no palette of colours could possibly match for their intensity , and with the Little Saskatchewan River meandering its way down through the valley and sparking in the early morning sunshine. I lose no time setting up easel, and started to record with my paint and brush the visual spectacular that will haunt my dream for years to come !

Monday, August 21, 2017

Painting Brandon's Brocki Donovan Funeral Home during the Solar Eclipse yesterday morning

"We were so glad we could attend the fundraising dinner for the Brandon Art Gallery and place a winning bid on a custom painting by Weiming Zhao. It will have an extra touch of significance as he painted the portrait of Brockie's between 11:00 and 1:15 today just as the eclipse was happening!
We will post the completed piece of art when we place it in the funeral home!

We are so glad to support the Arts in Brandon! There is so much talent among us!:) "

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wishing you all well at the Wishing Well on Clear Lake this morning at 11:00

Wishing you all well at the Wishing Well on Clear Lake this morning at 11:00
A spur of the moment decision led me to the Wishing well and I did not regret it when I saw the morning sunlight streaming through the grove of spruce trees over the the Wishing Well and over the beautifully landscaped garden , and saw the freshly carved tree trunk sculpture of three climbing black bears! What is even more delightful was to encounter Nancy MacKay, the park gardener at the very moment when I put my last brush stroke onto the canvas. Thank you Nancy for purchasing the painting! Your efforts behind the sculpture and the garden are the source of inspiration for the painting

Monday, August 14, 2017

Brandon University campus as viewed from 18th Street and Lorne Avenue

The controversy over the intended hedges removal from the edge of BU campus along 18th Street seemed to have pumped me to come to this spot to paint this morning despite of the humid weather. Personally, I find it totally unnecessary to spent money and effort on removing the hedges that have been functioning so well over half a century. I just do not see anything negative caused by the hedges. It is not so intrusive as a brick wall. I tend to come to this spot to paint over the years simply because this view of Brandon University is the very first I got to see as part of Brandon 27 years ago when I first received the application package from BU back in China: this view of BU was on the cover of its 1990 -1991 course registration calendar book . And it is also the very first glimpse of BU campus I saw on the very first morning I came to Brandon from China when I first stayed on the corner of 15th Street and Lorne Avenue. Painting anything BU always brings back my fond memory of BU in particular and Brandon as a whole. Without BU, never would I have been likely to call Brandon home for the last 25 years. As I was standing there on the corner of 18th Street and Lorne Avenue painting, this morning , I saw so many international students passing by on their way to and from campus, I could not help noticing how much the demographic landscape has changed over the past two decades here in Brandon as a city. Brandon University is obviously the force behind this change. As I was driving away after finishing my painting, I switched on CBC radio 2, there on the air is Jocelyn Morlock 's Aeromancy for two cellos , there came the BU connection again! I got to know her way way back in the early 90s when I first came to study at BU. Jocelyn Morlock, next time you come to Brandon, I would like to see you again !

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A home on Trappist Monastery grounds

Driving down south towards the Monastery on highway 34 is a visual delight! with the rolling hills covered with  lush green  vegetation !

A charming historical church in Holland, Manitoba

Holland Emmanuel Historical church is located just a short distance away from the wind mill. It was so quiet here in this small town that I felt I was alone there while painting on the street this view of the charming church.

The Wind Mill , Holland Manitoba

It is only fitting to paint this landmark of Holland on my very first visit to this small Manitoba town. It occurred to me that this town is named Holland not so much due to its Dutch root. It is actually named after its first postmaster whose last name is Holland.

Friday, August 11, 2017

An open canola field

Off the first street looking north lies the this stretch of open field of canola which is so delightful to see at this time of the year.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Friday, August 4, 2017

From Dinsdale Park Brandon on a summer morning

Two times flooding from the last few years have wiped out most of the trees in the park leaving the Brandon skyline across the Assisiniboine River more visible now. I have painted in this park countless times over the years now , and I am here sometimes more for the solitude than the scenery.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dinner party at sunset moment on Clear Lake

Dinner party at Sunset Moment at Dr. Don Williamson's cabin on Clear Lake At this years charity event Push For Change , I offered myself to be auctioned off for my painting service. Dr. Don Williamson won the bid. So yesterday at his request, I set up my easel trying to capture the moment when he , his family and his friends were sitting at the dinner table chatting and watching the beautiful sunset over food and drink. One of the most memorable painting experiences ! Thank you Dr, Don Williamson!

Busy summer morning at Deep Bay of Clear Lake

Friday, July 28, 2017

A beautiful home from Brandon West on a sunny summer morning

The owner of this beautiful home commissioned me to paint this as a present to his wife as they are moving away from Brandon for BC and has put it on the market.